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this man made my life

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The Art of Villainy with Tom Hiddleston | F-TYPE Coupe (by Jaguar USA)

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THOR 2 PREMIERE IN BERLIN (and a kneeling Mr. Hiddleston!) ›



Well hello.

It’s time to tell my story, isn’t it? I promised you. How to start? Oh yes, at the beginning. And the beginning already began months ago when a little german hobby-Loki decided to go to the Berlin Thor: the dark world premiere. Living in Berlin means for me to only…



I wish he would just miss catching that cup and it hits him on his pretty little head…maybe in the gagreel…


Yeahhh… I think Hiddleston’s hand-eye game is pretty good.

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You, Tom Hiddleston. In your sexy clothes...

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Tom Hiddleston’s reactions to compliments and fans. [x]

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I saw Coriolanus on the 27th and afterwards had the great luck of coming eye to eye with Tom Hiddleston and it was a funny, confusing but ultimately very sweet moment.

A friend of mine who is very sick had asked me to take pictures of awesome places and people while in London holding up or wearing a button of his that he’d had taken to different places. So when it became clear that I would be going to see Coriolanus and that there might be a chance of Tom coming out afterwards I decided to try and get a picture of Tom holding up the button for my friend. And that was basically my only goal. I was quite focused on that so when I stepped in front of Tom and he started by asking my name and how I was and how I’d liked the play I was a bit flustered and very very sleep-deprived (I’d been awake for 36 hours because I’d stood in line since 1:30 am, straight from the airport basically) and well he confused me. I think I answered something like, I’m fine and the play was awesome, but I’m not sure anymore. (The play was FANTASTIC!!! Favourite Shakespeare production now, and it’s taken four years for a production to kick King Lear of its top spot on my list). 

Anyway, Tom then pulled up the pen and asked whether I wanted something to be signed, and I said ‘no’. probably quite forcefully; which confused him. 

I explained about my friend and the button and the photo and he agreed to do it: “Sure, let’s do this!” were his words. So I took the picture, he asked whether it was alright, and I said yes. 

And then he adorably asked me whether I wanted anything else and he still seemed a little confused. I asked him for a hug and I got one and then he wished all the best for my friend and that he’ll hopefully get better, and I quickly said thank you and goodbye. I didn’t want to start crying in front of everybody. 

Lovely man, amazing play, amazing performance of everybody and I can’t wait to see my friend’s face when he sees the picture!! (hasn’t happened yet*g* but soon)

p.s. I felt bad for the security guy, he’s got such a tough job, but he’s holding up alright. 


Loki: I’m Loki of Asgard!

Little girl: I’m Dianna of New Jersey!


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  November 01, 2013 at 03:48am
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I picked up this magazine on my way home today, and I don’t think I’ve seen the pictures online yet, so I figured I’d scan it in for you guys. They’re not the finest scans, but… well, I did my best. I also scanned it the largest that I could so you could read the article, and you should! It’s super cute.

He pauses from rowing to dab a bead of sweat from his curls, the handsome bastard.

The author understands us.

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